Digital Paintings also called Digital Graphic Art hold the artist paramount quite similar to conventional paintings: the artist is the rock. The artist never wavers from his techniques and principles. The deviation is attributed to the tools: in conventional paintings the tools are tangible as in the case of painting brush; in digital paintings the tools are intangible since all we have is computer software.

Computer software enables the artist to produce watercolor paintings, oil paintings, impasto paintings, acrylics paintings, pastel paintings, charcoal sketches, pen sketches just to name a few. The beauty is virtual paintings produced by digital tools aren’t all virtual. The beauty is a thing of joy forever. The Digital paintings can be brought into real life as smooth as silk: a canvas would showcase your Digital painting. All you need is a printer.

Leading the pack of Computer software in Digital paintings are Adobe Photoshop, Adobo Illustrator, Coral painter, Open canvas, GIMP and ArtRage. The array of software outfits the artist with computer adaptations of virtual tools over the whole gamut: canvas, mixing palettes brushes, rollers, pans that would suit all techniques and all the textures. Over and above these tools borrowed from the conventional artist, the digital artist also enjoy the benefit of unique tools that bring in 2 dimensional (2D) & three dimensional (3D) effects to the painting.

The choice of millions of colors, half colors, tones and shades together with unique angles and play of light and shadow bring about compositions to the digital paintings that could never be achieved in traditional paintings.

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